What does 1111 mean ? How to talk to the universe

Do you see repeating numbers everywhere you go?

I know I do. It’s been happening to me for years but here’s a recent example: twice within the last month I’ve been out buying groceries: different groceries at different stores, never in fact brooding about the worth really and therefore the total came to ….€11.11.

But it doesn’t stop there! I tend to seem at the clock at that point quite regularly. (In my last flat, my awesome roommate was considerably on an equivalent vibe as me! Meaning: we’d yell 11:11 across the flat at one another several times a week!)

One of the foremost common awakening signs is seeing repeating numbers like 1111 (although all “angel numbers” like 222, 444, etc are important!). While many numerical sequences are important, 1111 is far and away the foremost universal repeating number experience. So if you’re new the phenomena, welcome aboard! It’s pretty cool once you get wont to it.

When 1111 starts exposure for you, it can start to feel downright spooky. many of us are hooked in to checking out what 1111 means, exactly because it can seem so strange!