Experts elaborate the New Mutant Coronavirus Strain That packed up the U.K.

  • A mutant novel coronavirus strain with “significantly faster” transmission rates is dominating the U.K., prompting new lockdown measures.

  • While this coronavirus variant seems to spread far more easily, it doesn't appear to form people sicker.

  • Experts explain the implications of latest coronavirus mutations.

Just days after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a second COVID-19 vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization, news broke of a mutant coronavirus strain with “significantly faster” transmission rates making its way through the U.K., per The Washington Post.

This variant, which has been dubbed “COVID-20” on social media, first emerged in southeast England in September, and has quickly dominated surrounding regions since. Some areas of England, including London, have now entered into “Tier 4” stay-at-home restrictions, which forbids mixing of households. Restaurants may only do takeout or drive-through service and only essential retailers, like grocery stores, may stay open.

“Given the first evidence we've on this new variant of the virus, and therefore the potential risk it poses, it's with an important heart that i need to tell you we cannot c