Fat burning Keto Cookbook

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Simplify your life and take away all the guesswork when it involves cooking for your new Keto Lifestyle

This Online Blog brings you The Perfect Keto Cookbook is the cookbook we wish someone had sold to us when we first started my Keto journey years ago... 

There's a little secret to a starting a new keto journey which is ;

k.i.s.s (Keep It Simple Sunshine) simple = sustainable.  Here are some of the basics...

Each recipe in this book uses only ingredients found on the Clovis Approved Foods List We show you here the exact Macronutrient Ratio for each recipe (Fat, Protein, and Net Carbs)  We provide Nutrition Facts and Serving Sizes for each recipe. All of these recipes have been tested for simplicity. In fact, they're so easy a Caveman could cook them...yes Literally!!

In fact, (for the Average American) if you spent the next 30 days only eating recipes from this book, you would see significant improvements in virtually all aspects of your health!  Get to Cooking Today!

Go on that Keto Journey with the only Keto guide you will ever need. *This Product is a Digital EBook Download*

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