Will Herpes Kill you?

If you have contracted herpes and are wondering if it is life threatening, Check out this blog to know more about the topic.

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Can Herpes really kill you?

Genital herpes is never life threatening. But having herpes sores makes it easier for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to enter the body. Not only is there an increased risk for getting HIV if you've got herpes genitalis , but having the 2 diseases together can also make all worse.

A pregnant woman can pass herpes genitalis on to their baby, so it's particularly serious during pregnancy. If you get infected near the top of pregnancy, the danger is highest. a minimum of 30% and as many as 50% of newly infected pregnant women give the virus to their babies. For moms who were infected long before delivery, the danger is far lower. but 1% of babies born to mothers with an older herpes genitalis infection get the virus. And if a lady has an epidemic at delivery, a cesarean delivery (C-section) is typically done.

Genital herpes may be a lifelong condition that there's no cure. Having it can force you to form inconvenient changes in life, particularly in your sex life, and it can cause you tons of pain and discomfort. you merely would rather not have it.

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