Make Him Worship you - get control of your relationship.

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Many women suffer from Psychological distress in a relationship because of the way they are treated by their spouses.

Often Poor Relationship Quality can cause women's Psychological distress. So to not fall a prey to this women need to take over and domesticate man, In most of the modern relationship, women are the leader.

They often take change subjugate men in the relationship. it means they take control of the frame or reference on what's right & what's wrong. What's proper and improper and on what are the standards of behavior.

Their men rarely challenge their frame, which basically results to the men playing by theirs rules.

What is "Make Him Worship You"

It is a guide on how to domesticate men and how to mold a man's thinking so that he thinks the way you do, Basically you could say it is a guide to how men's brains work. Women all over the world are using this guide to make their voices heard. this book was created by Chris "Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad (Also known as relationship expert Michael Fiore.) this book showcases different tools, tips (mentioned below), Which help in the process of making your voices heard to your partner.

To enforce a frame of reference, a woman can use following tools. :

  1. Drama & Nagging.

  2. Blaming & Criticism.

  3. Shaming.

Using these tools allow her to "Task him" which basically means he can provide for her and keep her happy.

This is a revolutionary product which lets a women take control of her relationship and be happy with her partner.